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Our Process

Our Six-Step Approach

DNO Glass offers a team of experienced coordinators to help your window/glass project stay on task and on target. Our glazing and window process ensures that each project is completed with the same consistent quality each time as we take a six step approach to all projects – big, small, residential or commercial.


Project Management

Our own project managers will work with you or your team to help with planning, budgeting, and scope. This ensures we all know what to expect from the window/glass job.



In this phase, we work with you or your team to gather information, including measuring – and measuring again.



Our design process ensures that your window/glass project covers all of your needs including all materials and finishing.



Once the designs are finalized, production begins. At DNO Glass, we pay close attention to details and maintain a high standard of quality control throughout the entire production process.


Installation/Site Clean Up

This is where your project comes to life. DNO Glass has a skilled crew and we guarantee precise and timely work. All of our staff are trained in safety and the latest installation methods.



Our work is not done after installation and clean-up. We are dedicated to ensuring you are fully satisfied with our work and will follow-up with you during and after installation.

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